Minato Dating Game II - DEMO is DONE!

2013-08-15 15:42:24 by TeamShinra

I have finished the Demo of Dating Minato II~
As you guys might remember from the Kakashi game demo, my demo's are generally the first chapter of my games... xDD

You can't! =D
Haa! =D
The demo, albeit ready and tested by, well, me (so don't expect miracles xD;) will be uploaded this Sunday, August 18 which is~ *drum roll*My birthday! =D

For my birthday I shall give you guys the demo to the game~~
... Something is wrong there on the giving/receiving part, isn't there?

The demo is a simplified version of chapter one of the full game. It's a short chapter, so don't get your hopes up that it'll keep you occupied for longer than 5 minutes!
Since it's a simplified version, that means...
- No chance to change the player name
- No points
Apart from that, the demo is practically the same as the actual chapter 1 will be.

When the actual game is finished~
... No clue when that will be. Maybe around Christmas?
... Hopefully this Christmas and not next year Christmas... xD;;
As per usual I'll be keeping people up to date both here and on DeviantArt.

Well then, I suppose this is all I have to say this time around~
Just sit tight for demo to appear~

Hey everyone~

2012-08-15 13:36:02 by TeamShinra

Figured I'd participate in the 'art-part' of Newgrounds, haha.
So far I uploaded a few characters of mine that I plan to use in games in the future, simple enough, right?

I'm still working on Dating Minato II, which will be a big improvement from the first version, that's for sure. The style is more along the lines of the Dating Kakashi one, where it actually matters what you pick if you want to reach a specific ending. Unfortunately I'm slightly delayed in actually completing it... n.n"
I'll get there, though :3

Whelp! That's it for now~